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Black Diamond Group web video for 2013 Mountain West Conference Basketball Championships

Our e-Campaign web videos encompass a TV-quality video wrapped with an interactive frame, allowing the user to visit various links for more information and to take immediate action — registering for events, buying tickets, etc.

Black Diamond Group offers a unique way to reach big audiences at cost-effective prices. We specialize in creating high-quality web videos, either as standalone for your website, or videos can be wrapped in an interactive multimedia frame (or “microsite”), giving you an effective way to market your business, service, product, or event on the web. The video is the focal point of the piece, but buttons and links surrounding it allow the user to browse for more information, register for events, buy products, and more.

By utilizing your email database, website, and social media outlets, we can create and share web videos as part of an e-Campaign designed to go “viral” and get your business in front of a lot of eyes. Equally important, the animations/videos are wrapped inside of an interactive frame that allows the user to click links to find more information, make purchases/reservations, and more. In short, while the animation/video gives the viewer a call to action, the button to execute the action is right there on the screen, improving likelihood of sales conversion.

In the past, before the iPad era, our primary means of producing these web videos was through Flash animation. Since iPads and iPhones have become so prevalent, but do not run Flash, we’ve adjusted to use Javascript and video so that the spot is visible on all devices.

Black Diamond Group can bring your concept and script to life or develop the creative for you, and execute from start to finish. The beauty of our e-Campaigns is you do not have to pay to get the spot in front of your audience. By the simple click of a button, you can email the link to your email database, or push through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. We will work with you on the process.

To find out how web videos and e-Campaigns can drive your business, call us today at 720-323-4166 and see how Black Diamond Group can help.




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