Keys to producing an effective TV commercial

Advertising your company, service, or product on television is an effective method of bringing awareness and ultimately driving sales. But forking over the investment to put your spot on prime time national TV is a waste of money if your spot is a flop. Here are some items to keep in mind when developing an effective TV commercial:

Develop a cohesive concept

A good rule of thumb is that your commercial should tell the story even if the viewer has their television muted.  Less is more. Don’t try to cram as much video as possible into the spot. Instead, select the best shots, and use on-screen graphics and narrative to direct the spot. Many customers want to jam-pack their commercial with imagery and information. In some instances, this is necessary. But the more impactful spots are simple, to the point.

Use actors!

Monkey see, monkey do. People relate to what other people are doing. Showing a product alone isn’t half as powerful as showing a person using it. Likewise, the viewer is much more interested in seeing what you have to offer, than they are seeing shots of your office building. In addition, if your budget can afford it, investing in paying real actors can be the difference between a good spot and a great spot.

Crafting a powerful script — to the point

Good imagery is important, but a well-written script is crucial. Avoid long sentences and instead keep your messaging brief to grab the viewer’s attention. Also if you’ve got a 30-second spot, don’t jam it full of voiceover. Allow background music, sound effects, etc., be noticeable, and give the viewer a chance to digest the message, rather than trying to keep up. The audio needs to tell the customer the point of your ad even if he/she is doing the dishes in the other room and not in view of the  TV.

Always include a call to action

A good TV commercial encourages the viewer to act now. You must ask the viewer to visit the store today, pick up the phone and call now,  or whatever else your intention for the ad is. Your ad should always equip the viewr with contact information, including website address, phone number and street address. If you’re in a difficult building to find, it may make sense to give a brief explanation of how best to find you.

Always use a consistent look and feel

If you’re producing a campaign of several TV commercials, or ads in other media, it’s best to have a cohesive approach, using the same voice over talent, music/jingle, font, colors, etc. The more your campaign stays the same, the more recognizable it will be when people see or hear it.

Hire a TV production agency

If you’re spending thousands of dollars to air your commercial on ESPN, you should make the investment in the production of your commercial. You only get one chance to make a first impression. If your ad looks “low rent”, the viewer may deem your business as such. It’s important to hire a company that knows the ins and outs of the commercial production process. Even if you’ve got the entire concept and script down pat, there are numerous factors that need to be considered during commercial production, including:

  • Film vs. video
  • Lighting / audio crew
  • Location / permits
  • Actors / agencies / unions
  • Voice over talent
  • Music licensing (writer and publisher)
  • Post-production
  • Dubbing specs
  • More

Black Diamond Group specializes in TV commercial production and post-production. We can bring your idea to life or develop and deliver our own concepts, designed to promote your company / service/ product in a powerful and effective way. Call us today at 720-323-4166 to find out how we can help you.

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