About Black Diamond Group

Our Team

Black Diamond Group has assembled an experienced, talented creative team — with each member offering complementing areas of expertise — to serve our clients. We also team with a network of trusted partners on commercial television filming productions, with some of the best camera crews and lighting/sound crews in the business. Our small, yet strong team (and low overhead!), combined with our strategic partners, allows us to offer our clients big-agency quality at small-agency prices.

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What We Do

We Help You Find Your Identity

What does your company or brand look like today? What’s your vision for it tomorrow, in 10 years? It all starts with your identity…the “look” of your company or product. Like any first impression, it can mean the difference between monster success or colossal letdown. Identity sets the tone for every piece of communication you disseminate. If it isn’t on the mark, then everything you say runs the risk of miscommunication and missed opportunity. An identity is a critical part of your brand.

It’s hard to believe such a small element has such a big job, but it does. We will make sure your first impression is the right impression.

We Design for Success

Good design is not about getting your money’s worth by filling up blank space. For us, design starts before we ever grab a marker or mouse. It involves immersing ourselves in your business, understanding your audience, and creating a design strategy that links conceptualization to real-life challenges. It’s this process that provides the clearest direction for delivering on-target design.

The design philosophy that we’re passionate about is simple: We believe the most impactful design offers clean, clear communication that emotionally resonates with you, your employees, and your customers. It’s creating the right design that communicates your message, supports your brand positioning and makes an impact.

We Lay Out a Path To Your Success

  1. Immersion — Our first step is to immerse ourselves in your business, learning about your goals, objectives, and challenges. We’ll evaluate where is your business or brand now and will research to better understand where we need to go.
  2. Research — We work tirelessly to combine the material you’ve gathered, along with everything we can unearth to provide the insights needed to develop a sound strategy.
  3. Strategy — The success of your campaign relies on a sound strategy. Once that is in place, we start mapping out the plan — one that will help you succeed.

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